Least Compelling Links of Ever


Oh, hey. Just havin’ a brainstorm sesh with my boss: Cheese Kid! He’s afraid of monsters just like me!


If the reader is not already familiar with the ham-fisted stylings of CBS’ Eye on Baseball – “The Home for All Baseshmeh shmeh shmeh” (with the exception of the entirely respectable Dayn Perry), you will be very shortly.

Feast your loins on the Nobellian feats posted in succession on CBS’ MLB front page. In the 10 years too soon category we have “O’s Machado Next A-Rod?” by Danny Knobler. And in the 10 years and about 1 juggajillion “shportstok radioew” segments too late category we have the gleaming, deep purple cherry that is “Bonds a HOF’er Before Steroids, That’s Why He Belongs in Cooperstown” by Gregg Doyel.

Woo boy, nothin’ tugs my scrotum forward in this life better’n some shit like that! Oh, and if you were wondering, that’s what’s going on in baseball right now. That’s why they’re professionals, dude! Just a couple a guys applying some good old “Heyman Knowhow” to the clickety keys of their Mac-aroni Books. But let’s make sure we vote which one is the titty best because that’s what the internet is all about.







About ra_rowe

A long suffering Padres fan who grew up in San Diego, and moved to Pasadena, Rowe works as a Junior Product Manager and writes poetry in addition to knowing everything about baseball.

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