Steam of Consciousness (Yes, Steam)

Steam of Pete Roses

The Baseball Around Us

The following is a highly experimental spew of baseball related shards. If you have any Ornette Coleman, put it on. Come, together we will discover a new truth. We will teach something to ourself.
Mike Trout is ice cold, and that is bumming me out. But that means that overall fish-joke output is down among baseball writers, so I guess I break even. It should be noted that among whales, dolphins and mermaids fish-jokes are as prevalent as ever.

I am disappointed James Loney left town before I could get my friends to start calling him “Lames Balogna.”

While trying to figure out what Ricky Romero’s problem has been this season, I found out that he has only stranded 64.4% of runners this year, the second highest total among qualified starters in 2012 and roughly 15 percentage points worse than his 2011 strand rate. Basically, he stinks out of the stretch. Combine that with a higher walk rate and there’s your answer.

Muppets, are equally hilarious out of the windup or the stretch.

The Ricky Romero thing was researched and written solely to provide a setup for the Muppets thing. But at least we all learned something.

If Mark Texeira were right handed he would be a third basemen.

If you listen to sports talk radio, and they start talking about baseball, turn it off. Darren Smith of the Padres’ XX1090 admitted on air he doesn’t know how certain teams are doing because he doesn’t buy the MLB package. So not only does he not watch baseball, but he makes no effort to. In fact, this deficiency is premeditated.

Pete Rose’s career wRC+ was 120, which puts him squarely between Bobby Bonilla (121) and Cliff FLoyd (120).

Pete Rose had fewer 100 more hits than Ty Cobb, but nearly 3,000 more plate appearances. This means Cobb could have hit .033 for five full seasons (of 600 PA each) and Rose would not have matched him.

Chase Headley has finally won my respect. Admiration will be at stake next season.

It’s that time of year again.

I wonder if Mat Gamel thinks that a sink is just a toilet you can’t poop in.





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A long suffering Padres fan who grew up in San Diego, and moved to Pasadena, Rowe works as a Junior Product Manager and writes poetry in addition to knowing everything about baseball.

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