Villanelle Challenge: My Entry

A couple weeks ago the guys at Fangraphs had a contest (with no prize, vuggin’ Gypsies), for fans and all their writers to come up with a Villanelle. A Villanelle is a style of fixed verse poem, meaning it is really old and has all these bullshit structural rules that date it pretty badly. But it was a lot of fun, and they posted all the entries (there weren’t many), including mine.

I didn’t quite follow the rules, because I didn’t really pay attention to them that carefully. I mainly wanted to write a tribute to some part of the game most people would not give a shit about, and then know that someone read it, that probably appreciated it. Below, I have included my personal entry. And here is a link to the rest of them, that you might follow in search of internet fun times.

A Look At Old Baseball Cards

How many Luis Polonias gone
How many lost Todd Pratts
For every Ruth, Gibson, Bonds?

Brothers of clay and pentagon
Seed shells and tar stained bats.
Whose stars are returned as time goes on

And the sunning seats before the lawn
Fill with epochs in squatcho’d hats
So a Kozma can thrill the vagrant throng.

The seventh is split. They sing the song.
A pack of sharps against a house of flats.
The last few frames pass into yawns.

Kurt Manwaring, Terrence Long,
Archi Cianfrocco and the Blanco catch
From prospect’s promise to skipper’s pawn
‘Til time pulps the cardboard we keep them on.


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About ra_rowe

A long suffering Padres fan who grew up in San Diego, and moved to Pasadena, Rowe works as a Junior Product Manager and writes poetry in addition to knowing everything about baseball.

One response to “Villanelle Challenge: My Entry”

  1. Bruce Rowe says :

    Awesome is what this is. Maybe best of all that the first tag is Archi.

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