Jerry Coleman Passes Away

Padres broadcaster, Frick award winner, Marine Corps Colonel, World Series Champion, and class act human being Jerry Coleman has passed away at the age of 89.

No official cause of death has been announced as of Monday January 6 at 12pm EST. The Associated Press mention a “breif illness,” citing a statement from the Padres, but details beyond that are not currently available.

His death has unleashed a torrent of feelings and farewells from all over the web. Among the tributes is a very hearfelt goodbye and reaction from Ted Leitner, who worked alongside Jerry for decades and is the most public facing person that knew Jerry well.

One should expect the tributes to culminate in a very somber ceremony at Petco Park, perhaps on Opening Day. I am personally of the mind that this season’s jersey should include a patch in remembrance of Coleman, who was not only an exemplary human being but is part of a generation of greater, tougher and braver men than are rising to prominence today.

I suggest the insignia of the Marine Corps rank of Colonel.

colonel insignia

Please make a correct uniform decision for once, Padres. A legend such as Col. Coleman deserves your best judgement. May they hang a star with the retired numbers as well.

Goodbye, Jerry. You gave us nothing  but good to remember you by.



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A long suffering Padres fan who grew up in San Diego, and moved to Pasadena, Rowe works as a Junior Product Manager and writes poetry in addition to knowing everything about baseball.

One response to “Jerry Coleman Passes Away”

  1. Herb Sharfenaker USMC says :

    God Bless/RIP,to all who served in WWII;and to you Leatherneck.The USA would NOT be as it is today.Thank YOU for your service…………………and SEMPER FI.

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